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If the ball becomes deflated during play, it is declared dead where it was last played and the game is resumed by a drop ball between any two number of opposing players at the spot where it was last played.  If the ball becomes deflated within the goal area, then the ball is dropped between two any number of opposing players subject to the provisions of Rule 9-2-2.

The clock shall be stopped when a substitute by the team in the lead is beckoned onto the field in the final five minutes of the second period or in the fourth quarter (if the game is played in quarters).

The clock shall be stopped when a substitute by the team in the lead is beckoned onto the field in the final five minutes of the second period only or the fourth period (if the state plays in quarters.)



MASO EXECUTIVE BOARD Next meeting date:  MAY 5, 2019 at Bangor Recreation Center

September 26:  New 25 Year Service Awards go to:  Jim Frost and Robin Cacace from Eastern Maine; Cindy Barnicle from Mid-Coast; Bob Thibodeau from Northern Maine; and Marty Metevier and Rob Smith from Western Maine. Thanks for your service!

September 9, 2018

New temporary contact for South Central Board is Nick Murray

MASO Executive Board passed the following Resolution:

The Maine Association of Soccer Officials and supporters from around the state recognize September as Children's Cancer Awareness Month and highlight the need for awareness and support for those impacted by pediatric cancer. Cancer can be, and is, a debilitating illness; affecting not only the patient but his or her family and friends. And, whereas MASO supports young children and students through their officiating soccer at the high school and middle school levels and sees cancer patients playing the game, we encourage others to find ways to support those student athletes and other stricken and join us in the effort to Fight Cancer.

Sept 3, 2018

2018 New Uniform Rules explained in Buying Uniforms 2018?

2018 NFHS /Rules Interpretations at   INTERPRETATIONS  9-3-2018

August 23, 2018

New Member to Bengal Hall of Fame

MASO Executive Board Minutes from May 18, 2018

February 20, 2018

NFHS has published the 2018-2019 Rule Changes

APRIL 25, 2017  NCAA SOCCER RULES CHANGES FOR 2017, are now available at:  along with several other valuable and important topics of discussion

NCAA Soccer Rules; Post Season Tiebreaker Procedure  November 5, 2016

Conference playoffs have started and the NCAA playoffs are just a few weeks away. Playoff officials should take a few minutes to review the tiebreaking procedure..
Overtime procedures are different from the regular season.  For postseason games, including conference tournaments, two sudden-victory overtime periods of 10 minutes each shall be played.  If the score is still tied, kicks from the penalty spot will be used to determine which team advances to the next round.  The procedures for the kicks from the penalty spot are as follows:

- The visiting team calls the coin toss. The winner of the coin toss has the option to kick first or last. The referee will determine which goal is used for the tiebreaker.
- Once the goalkeeper is designated, he or she shall not be replaced unless injured or ejected. The attending physician and/or a certified trainer in this case shall determine injuries. The goalkeeper may return to the tiebreaker if physically able.  If the GK is ejected, there is no requirement to remove a kicker – the tiebreaking procedure continues with all kickers that were eligible at that time.