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All MPA Tournament Referees must take the MASO State Class 1 Classroom Training Annually.

Preliminary, Quarter finals and Semi-Final Game Referees

These games are assigned by the Regional Assignors

       Specific Requirements for Regional Class 1.


1.  Officiated eight (8) games or more the previous season as a non-Class 1 official, the official may apply, with the written recommendation of his Board’s President,

for Class 1 membership; or meet the USSF  crossover requirements.


a.  The candidate must pass a written examination developed by the MASO

     Testing Committee and administered under the direction of MASO’s

     Director of Referee Development.


b. Pass a field and fitness exam. Prior to taking the Fitness Test, the

    candidate must present a physician’s statement or waiver of liability to

    the Testing Committee. This fitness examination and field test will be

    administered by the MASO Testing Committee. Fees and testing criteria

    will be established by the MASO Executive Board.


c.  May enter as a MASO Class 1 official if they are a USSF Regional Referee or higher, Official and completes a MASO approved

     training course; and passes the MASO Class 1 written and field tests.


2.  Officials who are who are newly designated as Class I officials, effective August 2009, shall serve a probationary period of two years or

     until two satisfactory game assessments are completed. Assessment forms shall be submitted by a MASO recognized Assessor to the

     MASO Executive Board Secretary


3.   All Officials shall take the on-line NFHS Soccer Exam on the NFHS website which contains the MASO/MPA add-on questions and score at least 80%.

     That test may be repeated two times. If the official fails all three attempts, he will not officiate any MPA sanctioned playoff games during that season; and

     may not officiate any varsity games the following season until they pass the test.


4.   All MASO officials will be assessed every three years to maintain their Class 1 status. Each official must apply to the testing agent to be assessed

      when time comes, and the testing agent will assign a MASO assessor to perform the assessment




Assignments to these games are made by the MASO's MPA Tournament Assignor


Specific Requirements' for State Class 1


1. MASO Class 1 Official for at least 3 years prior to application


2. Member in good standing with primary Board


3. Their primary Board is in good standing with MASO


4. Officiated in a minimum of 20 high school varsity games

    a. USSF U15 and above are acceptable

    b. College games are acceptable

    c. 10 of the total games must be high school varsity matches

    d. All must be within two seasons prior to application


5. Undergone and passed 1 formal assessment as a Center Referee; and, 1 formal assessment as an Assistant Referee

    in a diagonal system of control game in the year of the application.


6. After year one in State Class 1 Status, be formally assessed as a Center Referee or Assistant Referee bi-annually


7. Annually pass the NFHS/ MASO on-line Soccer Rules test with a minimum score of 85%


8. Pass, yearly a physical fitness test offered as either the:

    a. MASO fitness test for Regional and State finals

    b. USSF Regional Referee Test

    c. National Intercollegiate Soccer Officials Test


9. Have taken and present certification to the MASO Secretary the NFHS Courses in:

    a. Concussion in Sports (Free)

    b. Heat Illness Prevention (Free)

    c. Officiating Soccer: Fouls and Misconduct (Fee to NFHS)

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